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Preparing culinary top creations in the kitchen and bakery is work for professionals. They also know that the careful processing of liquid ingredients revolves around two things: refined craftsmanship combined with use of the best tools: One Way premium piping bags.

Why One Way premium piping bag

The development, production, quality control plus the worldwide distribution of the certified premium piping bags take place in-house and entirely under our own management.

The One Way premium piping bag distinguishes itself by:

  • Strength
  • Grip
  • Almost seamless
  • Sterility
  • Reliability
  • BRC certified
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Active worldwide

Professional users from over sixty countries now rely on the stable quality of One Way premium piping bags. From the Netherlands, the distribution network has direct branches to:

  • Europe
  • America
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Australasia

One Way in practice, experiences of our users and partners

“A valuable addition to our collection”

“As a wholesaler for highly qualified hospitality, we are extremely demanding when selecting suppliers. With us in Argentina, quality is of the highest priority. But also the variety of the collection and delivery reliability weigh heavily. One Way has proven to be a solid trading partner for years and also provides a valuable addition to our collection.”

OneWay - customer
“It takes two”

Running a renowned pastry shop requires the utmost precision from everyone who works behind the scenes. I will not tell you any secrets about our recipes, but I can tell you about production. Especially when it comes to the razor-sharp lines on my creations. It takes two to tango, me and my One Way Comfort Sweetliner. A fixed recipe for a fantastic signature on each piece of art!

OneWay - customer
“Feeling hot-hot-hot”

“Actually it’s very clever, the different names for the different piping bags. Easy and convenient! Hot contents go into the Comfort Red Hot, cold contents go into the Comfort Blue. In a venue where guests expect absolute top dishes, the temperature sometimes literally rises to great heights. The Comfort Red Hot is feeling hot-hot-hot. The Comfort Blue is cool! ”

OneWay - customer
“One hundred percent reliable”

“In my kitchen, a proper set-up is of the utmost importance. Especially when all tables are booked. As a chef, I have to delegate part of the work to my employees. Under high pressure, they only get one chance to do it right. The piping bags are never to blame, they are from One Way, so one hundred percent stable and reliable. ”

OneWay - customer
“Immediately at hand”

“The right piping bag immediately at hand with just a glance. Thanks to the perfect grip and the reliable quality of the piping bag, I work much faster. Moreover, I can be sure that the piping bag will never burst in my hand. With the different colours, I never use the wrong bag.”

OneWay - customer